The exhibition served as both a method of presentation of the
obtained research results and a method of conducting research and
taking it further. e multiple connotations of the exhibition title
(A Show as/on* Artistic Research) unfolded a broad artistic research
discourse, as the chosen adverb it in the Lithuanian title (Paroda it*
meninis tyrimas) has a variety of meanings: “1. like, as if, as, as though;
2. highly, very much, quite, completely, exactly; 3. almost, nearly,
short of ”4. is means that the title can be read equally with hesitation:
“a show like artistic research”; with great certainty: “a show completely like artistic research”; with doubt: “a show nearly as artistic research”; and, nally, with a leap of thought: “a show on artistic research”.
e exhibition consisted of two sections. In one space the artists
displayed their research processes, while the other space was dedicated
to the layout of the process of the research into artistic research that I had initiated, as well as its mapping. It was a collaboration between
scientists, artists, and designers, while the spatial installation at the
Malonioji 6 (Vilnius) project space  in November 2014 served as a
snapshot of that research stage. The theoretical analysis performed in
the exhibition and before it – as well as the conducted research (as
presented in the first chapter of this monograph) – coalesced with
the work of particular artists, weaving a spatial conceptual narrative
of the artistic research.

fragments of exhibition

1-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Agnė Alesiūtė. Collective mapping process visualization

Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Meninio tyrimo atidarymo fragmentas

16-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Julijonas Urbonas. Research processes (including and correspondence with the public and the film script) from “Euthanasia roller coasters”

15-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

14-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Visual research sketches.

13-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Eglė Karpavičiūtė. The study processes of “Science Fiction. Retrospective “

12-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

11-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Dainius Liškevičius. The research process of “Museum”

10-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Artūras Raila. The research process of “Power of Earth”

9-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

Artūras Raila. The research process of “Power of Earth”

8-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

7-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

6-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas3-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas

2-Meninio tyrimo parodos fragmentas





Photo by Arturas Valiauga