8 May 18:00, 2018 | Riga Art Space, Kungu street 3, Riga

Since 2002, internationally renowned Lithuanian media and art theorist, researcher and curator Vytautas Michelkevičius has published more than ten catalogues and books on media theory, art and photography. He has also headed research projects on forming strategies for contemporary art and photography history, encouraging a more critical assessment of traditional documentation methodologies, contextual conditions and the creators of history themselves. There has been particular acclaim for Michelkevičius’ innovative, interdisciplinary approach to art research involving data mapping and visualisation of data for photographs, videos, installations and other creative expressions, stimulating the usage of “visual writing” in addition to textual writing in historical documentation. Vytautas Michelkevičius’ informal presentation Mapping Artistic Research will offer deeper insights into the strategies and practice of this approach, using as an example the book Mapping Lithuanian Photography: Histories and Archives (2007). This publication is significant not only because of its methodological approach, but also because Lithuanian researchers are the first in the Baltics to actively review and reinterpret their national history of photography. The presentation will enable researchers of both art and photography as well as interested persons from other realms to examine data organisation practices from a different viewpoint, thus discovering a new interdisciplinary perspective.

The presentation is thematically linked to the biennial symposium Now Memories which is devoted to the methods and historiography of contemporary art and photography research.